An amphibious duck isn’t your average everyday machine. In addition to all the parts and maintenance you’d expect to find on any multi-ton truck, there are all the uncommon components that are unique to war and water operation. Factor in the vintage of the vehicle and it’s clear to see why the duck is a special vehicle that requires special attention. 

At Original Wisconsin Ducks®, that duty falls to a dedicated staff of full-time mechanics. This talented team works on the ducks year round, keeping them running in tip-top shape throughout the operating season. And as you might expect, their job description encompasses a variety of duties. On any given day, our mechanics might be engaged in troubleshooting an engine or transmission, adjusting a drive train, replacing a tire, making electrical repairs or fine-tuning a sound system. They know every inch of our ducks —invaluable insight during a busy operating season. 

In addition to being mechanical wizards, our duck doctors are also artists in metal and machinery, able to fashion and fabricate parts, reengineer ducks to accommodate diesel engines, even completely rebuild a duck from the frame up! Click here to learn more!