Running an attraction as unique and challenging as Original Wisconsin Ducks® takes more than an amphibious vehicle. It requires vision, dedication, innovation and passion from everyone involved. Here is a look at the people behind the vehicles; Our drivers and mechanics who strive to ensure safety and quality for Fun and Adventure on Land and Water, every day, on every tour.



Your driver is as big a part of making the duck tour a fun, safe and entertaining experience as the Duck itself. Their individuality and personality add to the experience, making each Duck tour truly unique. Duck drivers must be at least 18 years of age and able to perform all job tasks, from driving and maintaining the duck to assisting passengers and ensuring their safety. Because of high season demand, college students on summer break make up the majority of our drivers. Original Wisconsin Ducks® hires male and female drivers who are expected to know and follow the employee manual, pass pre-employment and random drug tests, possess a DOT Commercial Drivers License and pass the DNR Boating Safety Class.  Learning to drive a Duck is both a skill and an art. New drivers are taught “Duck driving basics,” followed by one month of driving practice (including learning the tour and riding along with experienced drivers). Driving and guiding skills are then assessed. It takes an average of six weeks of training before an Original Wisconsin Ducks® driver is ready to hit the trail!  If you would like to apply, CONTACT US HERE.



An amphibious Duck is an exceptional machine. In addition to all the parts and maintenance required for any multi-ton truck, there are many vehicle aspects unique to wartime and non-military water operation. Factor in the Duck‘s 1942-1945 vintage, and it’s clear to see why the Duck is a special vehicle that requires special attention. Since 1946, Original Wisconsin Ducks® has maintained a highly skilled team of full-time mechanics who keep the vehicles running in tip-top shape throughout the operating season. In addition to being mechanical wizards, our “Duck Doctors” are also artists in metal and machinery, able to fashion and fabricate parts, re-engineer Ducks to accommodate diesel engines, even rebuilding a Duck from the frame up!